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Why Choose SwiftLogic?

1. Personal Service

Our customers are our priority. When you call SwiftLogic you will have your call prioritised to an engineer who will work with you through the problem from beginning to end, no need to explain the problem twice or have to wait for a service desk, this way we are able to deal with problems within minutes, not hours.

2. Qualified Professionals

All SwiftLogic engineers are suitably qualified and experienced IT professionals.  We make sure our staff are up to speed with the ever changing world of IT. If we bring in extra assistance for a specialised they will always be of the same high standard as our team.

3. Cost Effective

We always try to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our Customers. SwiftLogic are aware everyone must keep an eye on the purse strings and will always put forward what we consider to be the best technical and cost option for you.  We source our equipment from a range of suppliers to ensure we can find the best deal available, for both high end equipment and consumables.

4. Out of Hours Scheduling

We schedule system upgrades and fixes outside of normal business hours.  Why do we do this?.. System upgrades, fixes, and installations can take your computer network and systems off line for several hours. So for your convenience, SwiftLogic engineers perform this work outside normal hours to reduce the impact on your people and business.

Swiftlogic - For all your IT Support, Cyber Security and Cloud Technology needs.

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